November Newsletter from South Bay OBGYN

Halloween Treats, No Tricks!!!

We celebrated the holiday with staff and physician participation; whether we are an elephant, the You can Do it, gal, Popeye, Witches, Princess, Spider Girl or Woody, we are all here to ensure that you receive the highest quality of medical care.

halloween hero and princess

halloween couple

 halloween elephant

 halloween group

New Service Line:  Hormone Replacement Therapy via the BioTE Method

Are you not sleeping well, forget why you entered a room, have gained weight or are bloated, get hot flashes then night sweats, and have a decreased sex drive?

We just might have the answer for you:  Hormone Replacement Therapy!!! One of our greatest goals, as your physician, is to provide you with alternative, but healthy and safe choices that will enhance your health and well-being.   

Along with symptomatology, we review your lab values to create a personalized pellet dosing therapy for you to turn things around.  We decided BioTE® was the right choice for our patients because restoring and balancing one’s hormones makes a significant difference in their quality of life!

This proven method has been shown to:

•          Reduce the risk of diabetes

•          Reduce risk of heart disease

•          Prevent and/ or improve bone mineral loss 

•          Prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

•          Increase energy

•          Increase lean muscle & bone mass

•          Assist in the loss of belly Fat

•          Provide for a general sense of well being

Are you a candidate for natural hormone balancing?  Would you like to improve your life, health and sense of well-being?  Would you like to change & regain your life?

Although the pelleting is not covered by your insurance, the labs and office visits can be; Contact our office to schedule a consultation appointment. 

Thanksgiving Holiday Week  November 25 – 29, 2019

MON, November 25th and TUE, November 26th we are open normal office hours;

WED, November 26th will be a reduced scheduled; 

And we will be CLOSED on both Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th for our staff to spend time with their families.  We are grateful to all for your continued interest in us to be your healthcare provider. #blessed.