In Remembrance: Dr. Obed Ferrari

In Remembrance:

Our beloved Dr. Obed Ferrari passed away on April 29, 2021 from respiratory complications. His passing has come to us all as a great loss. He had been with South Bay OBGYN for the past 20Dr. Ferrari years and had recently stepped back in 2020, due to COVID. He had continued to be available to assist with obstetrical surgical cases and will be greatly missed.

During the past year, Dr. Ferrari took time off to travel, be with his Brother and was eager to get his soccer leagues going again this year. His focus on the Lord was extremely committed. He shared the message daily, attended bible study and was an actively practicing Seventh Day Adventist at Paradise Valley Spanish Church.

Dr. Ferrari is survived by all of us here at SB OBGYN, his wife, 3 daughters, several grandchildren, 2 sisters and 1 bother; plus numerous nieces and nephews who all adored him dearly. The memories of his daily smiles and quick wit will continue to brighten our hearts.

Grateful to the Lord who has called is son home.