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South Bay OBGYN prides itself on maintaining a staff that knows how to promote the highest level of care and the best patient experience.  Several of our staff have been with us for over 10 years. We have created an environment where they can advance their educations and their careers with our company.

Each provider is assigned a personal Medical Assistant to promote continuity of care. Every MA is certified and trained so that they can work seamlessly alongside their assigned doctor. Our MA’s are hard working, educated, and devoted to women’s health so that from the time your visit begins, you know you’re in good hands. To ask a question regarding a health problem, select 5 from our main phone menu for our nurse line.

We have a team of Schedulers that are available to answer your call and provide individual attention to every patient. Our schedulers are willing to work with you to find the best times for you to see a provider and to help make sure that you are seen when you need to be. Our schedulers are women you can trust, and as the first people our patients contact, they are ready to listen and help. To schedule an appointment, select option 2 through our main phone menu.

Our complete billing department works daily to ensure that patient services are billed accurately and posted promptly.  They are available to talk to patients who have questions regarding their EOB’s. And they work to get prior authorizations when you need meds. To speak with our billers, select option 9 from our main phone menu.

Our verification coordinator works hand in hand with our front office staff to make sure that our patients’ insurance is optimized and patient balance billing is kept to a minimum. Our office is financially responsible, and we can provide discounts for cash-pay patients. We make sure that you get rates that are fair so that your insurance benefits are maximized and you don’t get big balance-due bills. To speak with verifications, select option 6 from our main phone menu.

Our Medical Records Coordinator maintains the accuracy of patient requests, insurance requests, and provider requests. She makes it easy for your primary care provider to access your records, to transfer your records to a specialist, or help you to access them yourself. Complete instructions on our Medical Records process is available via our automated phone system.

Our receptionists are there to provide you with a one-on-one experience. They aren’t preoccupied with ringing phones and other tasks. Their number one priority is with you in the waiting room, scheduling your appointments, and making sure your wait time is as short as possible.



Suzanne Catalano is our Practice Administrator, and she has been dedicated to this practice since its beginning. Suzy began as the practice’s first receptionist. After taking a leave of absence to obtain an RN and to raise her daughter, Suzy has now been actively working with our practice for more than ten years. Her background with nursing helps to make sure that our clinical work flows, policies, and procedures actually work from an administrative and practical point of view. Suzy works with the providers and the staff to maintain our standard of care. She works to make sure our staff morale is up up up, and her creative touches make our offices a comfortable environment in which to work and to receive care.

We at South Bay OBGYN have a mission to uphold the Patient Experience, and every member of our staff is ready to help improve your level of care.

South Bay OBGYN is an equal opportunity employer. For information on employment opportunities, email a resume to scatalano@southbayobyn.net.

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