February 2020 Newsletter from South Bay OBGYN

National cancer prevention monthNational Cancer Prevention Month

Cervical Cancer Awareness month has come to a close; February brings us to National Cancer Prevention Month. 

Get yourself checked for Breast, Ovarian, Cervical and colon cancers by visiting our office and asking to be screened. Our Cancer Prevention Program allows us to determine the risk of patients who have a familial history of cancer or have had two cancers themselves.  We will screen you with a questionnaire, discuss your familial history, submit blood work, and then give you a complete genetic-based consultation to make you aware of your personal cancer risk. Your “tarecuzik” score is unique to you alone.

Flu Shots Are Still Available

Its not too late to get a flu shot; contact our office to get one today.

birthday balloonsSouth Bay Birthdays

January Birthday celebrations included our Office Manager, Lorena and our Hospital Charge Posting coordinator, Maria —– Happy Birthday Ladies!!!