Coping With Appetite Loss During Pregnancy

Many people picture a ravenous pregnant lady eating everything in sight. While this is the case for some, there are other women who find it hard to eat anything. This can become a problem, as they won’t gain the weight needed for a healthy pregnancy. Here are some tips for overcoming loss of appetite.

woman declining food.

Early Pregnancy Issues

Heartburn, constipation, morning sickness, and nausea all seem to hit at the same time in early pregnancy. Sometimes, even the smell of certain foods can make you never want to eat again. So just when your doctor and your loved ones are all encouraging you to eat, you just can’t.

In addition, during the early months of pregnancy hormonal changes make you feel depressed, moody, and anxious. Combine this with almost daily morning sickness symptoms and you probably won’t be too interested in food.

Try some of these tips:

  • Keep a few crackers by your bed and eat one or two before you get out of bed each morning.
  • Try to eat something every few hours, especially protein.
  • Eat small but frequent snacks.
  • Avoid tart and sweet drinks like juices. No lemonade or fruit juices.
  • Try ginger. Ginger ale or tea helps settle your stomach.

Appetite Rebounds In Second Trimester

Many women begin to feel more normal during the second trimester. Morning sickness may become less frequent, and you are able to eat more foods.

However, there are still women who find eating an issue. If this is so, continue with remedies from early pregnancy.

Drink lots of water, stand up while eating, and avoid spicy foods and those with a strong smell during this time.

The Final Stretch

Your baby is growing rapidly and filling up the uterus. Pressure on your stomach may affect your appetite. Progesterone is increasing which can cause constipation, and no one feels like eating when they are constipated.

At this point it is important to gain the weight you need to give your baby all the nutrition they need. Choose lean meats, lentils, plain yogurt, wild salmon, colorful veggies, and eggs. Grazing can be your friend with small meals every several hours.

Every woman begins her pregnancy at a different weight and having a different weight gain goal. Work with South Bay OB-GYN to be sure you are gaining a healthy amount of weight throughout your pregnancy.

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