Depo-Provera®: What To Know About The Birth Control Shot

If you rely on the pill as your primary birth control method, you may want to consider Depo-Provera®: what to know about the birth control shot.

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Injectable Birth Control

This prescription medication contains the hormone progestin and is injected into the arm or buttocks. It will protect a woman from getting pregnant for up to 14 weeks, however, women should get the shot every 12 weeks to be certain.

It works by suppressing ovulation. When a woman’s egg is released each month, the shot thickens the cervical mucus making it virtually impossible for sperm to reach the egg. As long as a woman gets her shot every 12 weeks, she cannot get pregnant.

Obvious Benefits

If you have ever gone through the excruciating few days fearing you might be pregnant after forgetting to take your pill, you won’t have that happen again. You will never have to remember a daily pill or worry again.  If you live a busy life, this is an immense benefit. As long as you get your shot within the 14 weeks, you are safe. It is 96% effective, and it will never interfere with your sexual activity.

In addition, it may lessen menstrual cramps and pain as well as decreasing blood flow.

Depo-Provera® is effective at preventing pregnancy, but will not keep you safe from sexually transmitted diseases. Be aware you will need to take precautions.

Some Risk Factors

There are some reasons South Bay OBGYN may not recommend Depo-Provera® for you.

Some of those reasons include:

  • A history of blood clots
  • History of breast and endometrial cancer
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • Liver disease
  • Unexpected vaginal bleeding
  • High risk for stroke or heart disease

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, talk with South Bay OBGYN about this and any of the other issues that might prevent you from taking the injectable birth control method.

Like all other hormonal methods of birth control, the Depo-Provera® shot may cause some changes to your period, your weight, sleep, and mood. Not all women experience these changes.

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