Biote Hormone Therapy in Chula Vista, CA

What is Biote?

Biote offers hormone replacement pelleting, nutraceuticals and preventive products for health and hormone optimization. At SB OBGYN we are always looking to optimize one’s health and this pelleting program gives us that opportunity.  You truly can age gracefully.

The OBGYNs at South Bay OBGYN have extensive experience and will take the time to discuss your needs in order to determine if Biote is right for you. Call (619) 267-8313 to schedule an appointment at our OBGYN office in Chula Vista or National City, CA.

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What is Hormone Therapy?

There are many forms of hormone therapy for a variety of health benefits. At SB OBGYN we have chosen to partner with Biote which uses bioidentical hormone pellets that are plant-based and safe for your body.  The pellets contain bioidenticals found in the human body.  This is often called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

BHRT pellets are replicas of hormones your body makes naturally and they help balance out your system. The pellets are tiny, from a grain of rice up to a mini macaroni noodle, that are customized-compounded therapies for your symptoms stemming from hormonal imbalances.

The Biote Method aims to help keep a patient’s hormone levels consistent throughout the day.  And the efficiency is based on your own cardiac output.  No two people of the same therapeutic regime.  Your BHRT will be customized just for you.

What are the Benefits of Biote?

When your body’s ability to produce hormones is disrupted, as they often naturally decline with age, you may notice a difference in how you feel.  Biote is a safe and effective way to restore your health and optimize your quality of life.

You may choose Biote to:

Find your energy
Take control of your health
Optimize your hormones to help optimize your well-being
Revitalize your libido to help revitalize your relationships
Minimize the natural symptoms of the aging process
Protect and promote your health of the heart, bones, breasts, brain function, and sexuality

Who Can Biote Help?

Biote is available for both men and women.   BHRT checks your hormones to reveal the imbalances and work with your body to optimize hormonal levels.

You may notice this imbalance negatively affecting your quality of life. You may have less energy, low sexual drive, difficulty losing weight, hair loss, or other aging issues. Biote can help restore your confidence and your health.

Men – Imbalance in male hormones can cause a number of issues including poor sleep, weight gain, low energy, brain fog, blood pressure issues, decreased sex drive, and more.

Women – A woman’s endocrine system can be affected by aging, stress, exercise or even the foods you eat. If you have issues with uncomfortable periods, hot flashes, indigestion, bone density issues, low libido, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, or other side effects of hormone imbalance Biote can help.

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The expertly trained OBGYNs at South Bay OBGYN have extensive experience helping patients optimize their health with Biote. They will take the time to fully evaluate your needs in order to determine if HRT is right for you. Call (619) 267-8313 to request an appointment today!

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